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A Study of Selinexor, in Combination With Carfilzomib, Daratumumab or Pomalidomide in Patients With Multiple Myeloma

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Third Opinion Trial Synopsis:
Doctors will be doing a study with patients who have multiple myeloma. They will be testing how well the medicine selinexor (also known as KPT-330) works when used with other medicines like carfilzomib, daratumumab or pomalidomide. The patients in the study must have multiple myeloma that is getting worse even though they are already taking medicine with carfilzomib, pomalidomide, or daratumumab. The patients will be split into different groups based on the medicine they are taking. The study will continue until the patient's cancer gets worse, the patient passes away, the treatment becomes too dangerous, or the patient chooses to stop.
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Trial Summary
This is a prospective, 2-arm (with an additional exploratory arm), open-label, multicenter study looking at the response rate of patients receiving selinexor (KPT-330), in combination with carfilzomib, daratumumab or pomalidomide. Multiple Myeloma patients with documented disease progression or refractory disease while on current treatment with any carfilzomib-containing regimen (arm 1), any pomalidomide-containing regimen (arm 2) or any daratumumab-containing regimen (exploratory arm) will be included in the study. Patients will be assigned to the respective groups according to their current treatment. If a subject has received more than one of the above therapies, then assignment will be made at their physician's discretion (e.g treatment decision can be made based upon patient and physician preferred tolerance.). Patients will receive treatment until progressive disease (PD), death, toxicity that cannot be managed by standard of care, or withdrawal, whichever occurs first.

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