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Isatuximab, Velcade, and Dexamethasone in Patients With Multiple Myeloma and Severe KIDNEY Disease

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Third Opinion Trial Synopsis:
This study is looking at how safe and effective a new treatment, called isatuximab, is for people with a type of cancer called multiple myeloma who have problems with their kidneys. People with these kidney problems often can't take some of the usual treatments for multiple myeloma. Isatuximab has worked well for some people with less severe kidney problems, but they want to see if it can help those with more serious problems.
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Trial Summary
This is a phase Ib study to assess the safety, tolerability, preliminary efficacy, and renal response of isatuximab, bortezomib, and dexamethasone in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients with severe renal impairment or dialysis-dependent end-stage renal disease. Such patients have limited therapeutic options due to renal clearance or nephrotoxicity of many myeloma therapies and are often excluded from clinical trials. Isatuximab in other regimens has shown efficacy and tolerability in patients with moderate renal impairment, although data are lacking for regimens containing CD38-targeting immunotherapies in severe renal impairment/ESRD.

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