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Genetically Engineered Cells (MUC1-Activated T-Cells) for the Treatment of MUC1 Positive Recurrent or Refractory Multiple Myeloma

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Third Opinion Trial Synopsis:
This study looks at using special infection-fighting blood cells called T-cells to fight a type of cancer called multiple myeloma. The study is testing how safe and effective these T-cells are at different doses in patients who have not responded well to other treatments and have a certain protein called MUC1 in their cancer cells. These T-cells are made from the patient's own blood cells and are designed to target the MUC1 protein in cancer cells to help the body's immune system destroy the cancer.
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Trial Summary
This phase I trial tests the safety, side effects and best dose of MUC1-activated T cells in treating patients with multiple myeloma that has come back (relapsed) or does not respond to treatment (refractory) and is positive for expression of the MUC1 protein. T-cells are infection fighting blood cells that can kill cancer cells. MUC1-activated T-cells are made from the body's own T cells. The manufactured T-cells are made to target the MUC1 genetic marker and may help the body's immune system identify and kill cancer cells.

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