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A Study of Modakafusp Alfa in Adult Participants With Multiple Myeloma

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Third Opinion Trial Synopsis:
This study is checking if there are bad reactions when people use modakafusp alfa with other treatments. They want to figure out the right amount of modakafusp alfa to use with other treatments. They will slowly give more of modakafusp alfa to people until they find the biggest amount that doesn't hurt them. People will get modakafusp alfa through a vein.
*Third Opinion AI Generated Synopsis

Trial Summary
The main aims of this study are to test for any side effects from modakafusp alfa in combination therapy and to determine the recommended dose of combination therapy with modakafusp. The dose of modakafusp alfa will be increased a little at a time until the highest dose that does not cause harmful side effects is found. Participants will be given modakafusp alfa through a vein.

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