Predict And Deliver On Your Clinical Trial Enrollment

Third Opinion integrates EMR data with clinical trial eligibility criteria - giving you reliable, predicable access to patients who fit your trial.

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Third Opinion Serves
  • Patients interested in clinical trials
  • Researchers interested in eligible patients
  • A predictable source of eligible patients for clinical trials
  • More efficient, less delayed clinical trials
  • Time to spend on bigger things (or nothing at all!)
Third Opinion Provides
Why Third Opinion?
Predictable, Eligble Patients
No longer depend on physician referrals, community outreach, or advertising for participants.
Automated Medical Record Analysis
Gone are the days of searching for dozens of eligibility criteria by hand.
Faster Trial Completion
By eliminating recruitment and pre-screening, see a drastic reduction in clinical trial completion time.
How much more time and money will you spend on clinical trial recruitment?
You are an executive or director with a million things to do. Don't worry about enrollment.
You value progressing research through clinical trials.
Clinical trial recruitment does not need to be an unnecessary headache.
Your department's success is dependent on your trial's success.
Why do I need help with clinical trial recruitment?
  • Patients don't know you exist (yet)
  • Physicians won't refer you enough patients on their own
  • Will you ever see your money back on that advertising campaign?
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