About Third Opinion
When founder Dr. John Croghan's patient was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a deadly and life-threatening condition without any real effective treatments, one of the first things they did was look for promising clinical trials. But in the sea of information, finding a great clinical trial proved extremely difficult. This experience inspired the creation of Third Opinion. Founded on the idea that clinical trials should be an accessible and understandable treatment option for people that aren’t responding to traditional FDA approved drugs, our mission is to provide patients, families, and physicians with the latest information on groundbreaking treatments for their condition and to break down the barriers to entry for enrolling in a trial. We strive to empower patients to take control of their medical future and have confidence in the decisions they make.

What is a "third opinion"?
Many patients seek out another physician's opinion in an effort to gain a broader understanding of their treatment options, known as a "second opinion". At "Third Opinion" we are not here to replace the guidance of a physician, but to further broaden patient's treatment options to those in clinical trials.
Meet the Team
Dr. John Croghan
Dr. John Croghan is triple board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Rheumatology and Geriatric Medicine and has made providing access to personalized medical care a foundation of his medical career. With a history of seeing critical issues in our health care system and creating solutions, Dr. Croghan is paving the path towards easier access to clinical trials and the potential they carry.

In 1995, Dr. Croghan Co-founded Extended Care Information Network and helped improve the discharging process in more than 400 hospitals and nearly 5,000 post-acute care facilities. Building off this experience, Dr. Croghan formed a team with the mission to help patients with life altering conditions find the best treatment available, this became Third Opinion.

Dr. Phil Sheridan
Dr. Sheridan is board certified in Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease. Earning his degree from Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine where he also completed his residency in Internal Medicine. He completed an internship at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center and later, returned to Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine to complete a fellowship in Pulmonary and Respiratory Disease.

Alongside Dr. Croghan, Dr. Sheridan co-founded the Extended Care Information Network innovating the discharging process. Continuing this partnership, Dr. Sheridan spearheaded the founding of Third Opinion after seeing the difficulties many patients had in finding meaningful treatments for debilitating diseases.

Kevin Corbett
Kevin Corbett graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison knowing he wanted to make a difference in health care. Starting off his career at Epic Systems, Kevin worked with some of the largest health care organizations in the United States to improve their use of technology and improve patient outcomes. After hearing of Dr. John Croghan’s plan to make clinical trials more accessible, Kevin brought his knowledge of health care and technology to the Third Opinion team.