Our Mission: Make Clinical Trial Recruitment Easier For You

Speed Up Patient Recruitment For Your Clinical Trial

We provide our partners with the expertise needed to find patients for their trials. With our large patient pool, we allow you to quickly find patients that fit your criteria and are ready to be screened. We work patients to guide them through the recruitment process allowing for a quick and smooth enrollment.

Automated Patient Eligibility - Seamless Clinical Trial Recruitment

We work with patients to discover the right trial that fits their needs. Instead of relying on questionaires to match them to trials, we offer our members the ability to directly connect their electronic health records. Our properietary software then matches them to the trial best suited for them, reducing the chance of missed information and giving trials and patients the confidence to move forward in the enrollment process. Reduce the cost and time spent on patients that aren't eligible for your study by partnering with Third Opinion. Click here to learn more about how we help patients find their best trial.
Why Third Opinion?
  • Large Patient Pool
  • Automated Patient Eligibility
  • Pre-Screened Patients
  • Personal Recruitment Specialists
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