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Glioblastoma, also known as Astrocytoma or Brain Cancer, is an often fatal condition. As described by MPR, "Glioblastoma is a rare, aggressive, malignant grade IV brain tumor that develops from the glial cell" [1]. Glioblastoma clinical trials become the most promising treatment path when the traditional treatments of steroids, radiation, and chemotherapy are ineffective.



Why Consider Glioblastoma Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials for Glioblastoma can be a hopeful last resort for folks diagnosed with fatal Brain Cancer. Whether brain cancer is a new diagnosis or in an end stage condition, Glioblastoma clinical trials are important to be on the radar.


Connecting To A Glioblastoma Clinical Trial

Glioblastoma clinical trials and information can be searched in the database at However, understanding the inclusion/exclusion criteria can be confusing and difficult to understand as a patient. For help connecting to a trial, reach out to our Third Opinion team and follow this link to connect to our portal.

Fortunately for patients and recruiters alike, Third Opinion was created to connect patients to clinical trials when the traditional treatment options do not work. To connect to a clinical trial or recruit for a clinical trial as a clinical trial manager, sign up to our Third Opinion platform.


Before A Glioblastoma Clinical Trial

Prior to a Glioblastoma clinical trial, a physician may recommend imaging studies, surgery, or a biopsy [2]. An MRI of the tumor may be required for eligibility in a glioblastoma clinical trial. Surgery is the only way to determine the exact type of tumor, which may be helpful knowledge prior to a clinical trial criteria as well [2].


Alternatives To Glioblastoma Clinical Trials

The alternatives to glioblastoma clinical trials are the traditional treatments of surgery, steroids, radiation, and chemotherapy. This is typically the first treatment route recommended by the primary care physician. For more information on Glioblastoma clinical trials and finding the right trial for your situation, reach out to the Third Opinion team and we can help walk you through the process.


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Author: Benjamin Ayd
Reviewed by Dr. John Crogan, MD



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