Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials & Latest Treatments

When standard FDA treatments prove unpromising and ineffective, multiple myeloma clinical trials are a great option to connect with novel treatment. There are hundreds of clinical trials for multiple myeloma across the United States, read on to learn how they work and what you can do to locate them.

Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials

What Are Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials?

Multiple myeloma clinical trials are research-backed, pre-FDA-approved treatments for multiple myeloma cancer. Clinical trials are often the sought after route to care after traditional FDA-approved treatments prove ineffective.

Clinical trials for multiple myeloma (and all conditions) operate in 3 phases. It is important to understand which phase your clinical trial is in to be prepared for what treatment you might receive. Phase 1 comes first, and its main objective is to test the safety and dosage of the treatment under trial. In phase 1, researchers will highly investigate how the drug reacts in the body. Phase 2 exists to evaluate effectiveness and safety, and phase 3 compares the clinical trial treatment to the current gold standard of treatment [1].

How Do I Find Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials?

A multiple myeloma clinical trial may be right down the road from you. One way to search is through a multiple myeloma specific clinical trial finder (follow the link), where you can filter trials by zip code, age, condition, and more. The clinical trial finder also allows you to filter by preliminary inclusion/exclusion criteria, so you know whether or not you are eligible for a trial of interest.

Talk To A Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trial Navigator

Finding a clinical trial for multiple myeloma can be intimidating. Thankfully, there are research foundations with dedicated team members who help folks like you navigate the multiple myeloma trial space every day. The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation is our trusted source for the best clinical trial and research information on multiple myeloma. Check out their website for up-to-date information and patient navigation services.

Clinical Trials For Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma clinical trials can offer potentially life-saving treatment, and it is our mission at Third Opinion to make clinical trials more accessible to everyone. If you enjoyed this, read one of our other posts below or sign up to find a clinical trial near you today!

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[1] Clinical trials and new therapies for multiple myeloma: The MMRF. (2023, February 8).